Public Performances 2005

Clown Book reviews

Kevin is a busy performing clown, and although many bookings are for private functions, there are still plenty of opportunities to see him perform live, or to take part in a Circus school program and start to be a Clown or Circus Artiste in your own right.

If you would like further details on any of these events, please contact me by clicking


Green Roadshow, Barnsley May 20th/21st
Green Roadshow,Dagenham June 10th - 12th
Green Roadshow, Havering June 17th/18th
Bromyard Gala July 2nd/3rd
Sanders Park, Bromsgrove July 28th
Bromsgrove Street Theatre August 17th
Green Roadshow, Sandwell August 28th/29th
Derby Arboretum September 18th

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