Circus School

Circus School Many children having once seen the Circus, either live or on TV, feel they would like to have a go and enter into the glitter and thrill of it all. There are many juggling or skill workshops available, but these often become rather boring because they do not lead anywhere. Kevin's Circus School is different because we actually work towards a performance at the end of the course.

A different Approach

Circus SchoolMany Circus skill workshops are run by people who are very skilled with equipment, but unforunately have little experience of performance. This is where Kevin's Circus school is different. Kevin comes from a performing background and is a full time professional performer, so naturally presentation skills are high on the agenda.

A performance?

This new facet of workshopping has a great effect on the participants. The Circus School works towards a definite climax within a definite timescale. Instead of an open ended and often bored group, we find imaginations racing as

while everyone enters into the project with a surprising enthusiasm.

How Long is the Course?

Circus SchoolIt is difficult to learn a new skill, build a routine, prepare costume, and rehearse in a very short time. The best timescale is 4 or 5 two hour sessions. The Circus School sessions can be weekly, or condensed into a short period by devoting some time each day.

Long Term Benefits

This course is very successful at building self confidence and self esteem in children between 6 and 12 years old. Having enjoyed the pleasure of performing in their own Circus and being appreciated, you will find them much more outgoing and willing in every way.

Learn More

Circus SchoolKevin is ready to bring the whole self contained Circus School to your school, as long as you are in the Midlands, UK. You will find it a great help for school morale with many opportunities for further classroom activities and projects.
Please click here to contact Kevin for more details.


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