clown kevin

Make a Clown Face!

Many clowns paint their makeup onto an egg, and it's kept at the Clown Museum in London, where you can go and see them!
As well as being amusing, these eggs are actually used to copyright the clown's own makeup - each clown has thier own individual face and it's not allowed to copy someone else's!
Use my face machine here to invent a funny clown face of your own, you never know, it might give you inspiration for your real clown makeup!

At least it will be famous for a while, as all the clowns you make here can be stored in our own gallery where you can come back and have another laugh at them!
Or you can send you own clown face to a friend with a message... get started now!

Oh, one thing.. although the random faces you can generate below are hilarious, they aren't saved to the gallery, so make sure you create one using the buttons before you save it!

Game copyright © Jim Rolt MMI