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Clown Skits

Clowning is an old tradition that goes back many many years, and over this long period of time certain traditional sketches, entrees, routines, or clown skits have developed. Many of these traditional sketches are very well known, often with several different names, but with the same basic story.

But Old Stuff is Boring...

Actually, each time you see a well known sketch performed by a different clown, or group of clowns, it will be quite different from any other presentation. This is because the skit is just a framework for a clown or performer to work within, a canvas on which to stamp their own ideas and individuality. Many of these clown skits are so well known that they are really 'open source', but it is still surprising how many clowns, even those with considerable experience, do not know many of them.

OK, Tell me More!

In this section, I will try to outline some of the traditional clown skits, plus some of my own, so you can find some ideas on which to build your own performances and clown character.

How about this one?

If you know of a good traditional clown skit, or have a sketch of your own that you would like me to include here, please do let me know, and I will include it in my next regular update. (Please do not send me other people's copyright material though, as this can lead to embarrassment!)

Some Complete Scripted Routines

Busy Bee, here is my take on this well known and excellent routine for 2 0r 3 performers.

Funnel Fun, a great 'running gag' type of act which keeps popping up during a show.

Disappearing Follies, a funny disappearing act for 2 clowns from Slappy McCracken (Jason Monnin).

Clown Quickies


A clown comes on stage to begin his act. He is very nicely dressed with a pair of elegant white gloves on. Before he begins the show, he decides to take them off. He pulls at the fingers of the first glove, but each finger is seperate, and comes off individually... finally pulling off the remains, it whisks off stage, attached to an invisible thread held offstage by an assistant. When he comes to the other glove, he pulls it off, but it turns out that the glove is a bit longer than expected. He pulls and pulls as yards of material appears from up his sleeve until there is a pile of glove on the floor...

Leap Frog

Two clowns appear playing leap frog, where one bends down and the other one vaults over from behind. One of them suddenly notices the other clown's compromised position as she is about to jump... she looks at the audience, pulls a delighted face, and gives the waiting clown a good kick in the pants, - he immediately does a full forward roll before jumping up and chasing his friend off...