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Slappy and J.J.'s disappearing follies.

Here we have the first skit contributed by a visitor to the site! This is a clown Magic skit, written by Slappy McCracken (Jason Monnin). He describes it like this:
"My 11 yr old nephew and I joined clown class for fun and had to do a 5 minute skit at the local mall for graduation. I came up with a little dissapearing act for the two of us."
My thanks to Slappy for this great contribution! I hope you like it, and please do not be shy to send me any material of your own. Over to Slappy...

From left to right: J.J., Lollipop, and myself Slappy McCrackin.This skit takes about 10 minutes to perform and there is plenty of room for ad-libbing here. Slappy McCrackin is a 29 year old male clown and J.J. is his 11 year old nephew. With assistance, Slappy carries a large disappearing booth on center stage and a small chest on the corner of the stage.

The booth was made out of 1"x2" lumber lying in my father's barn. It had a springrod across the front and the back with a shower curtain hanging from those. The sides were covered with an old (but clean) bedsheet. The chest was actually an antique, I wouldn't be writing this if I had put a single mark on it but it's the only one I could find. Good luck in your search.

Act 1 :

Slappy takes the stage and introduces himself and takes a bow. When he introduces J.J. he notices that J.J. is not beside him and begins to look around the audience for him. He asks the audience if they've seen a small funny looking man with yellow hair. While Slappy is looking for his partner, J.J. is peeking out from inside the trunk, waving at the audience behind Slappy's back. When the audience tells Slappy where his partner is, he opens the trunk and stutters with surprise and disbelief. (This is where the adlib takes effect).

Act 2 :

Slappy brings J.J. to the center stage and asks him what he was doing in the trunk. J.J. is too shy to speak publicly so he merely shrugs his shoulders. A small white tissue is hanging out of J.J.'s mouth and Slappy pulls it to reveal a 50 foot mouth coil in all it's magnificent splendor.

Act 3 :

J.J. enters the cabinet and the curtain is closed. Slappy says the magic words and opens the cabinet, turns to the audience and takes a bow. J.J. still standing inside the cabinet waves fiercely at the audience. Again the ghastly sigh and surprise and you turn to notice that J.J. has not disappeared. Let's try again.

Act 4 :

J.J. enters the cabinet and the curtain is closed. Slappy says the magic words and opens the curtain, looks inside this time, sees no J.J, turns to the audience and bows. J.J. is standing behind Slappy on the stage waving and laughing silently with the audience. Though people are yelling at Slappy, he continues on with his quest to make J.J. reappear in the cabinet.

Act 5 :

The curtains are closed, magic words said, curtains open ...... NO J.J. ! What is Slappy going to do now? He asks the audience if they can help find his long time partner and friend when J.J. finally steps in front of Slappy and squeezes his nose with the traditional horn honk. Slappy chases J.J. around the stage a bit and then out of sight.

Slappy McCracken
Jason Monnin
Piqua, Ohio