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Clown Games

Clown Face Game

Welcome to Kevin's amazing Clown Creator! This machine can create over 3500 completely different Clown faces.

In the UK, there is a tradition for each Clown to paint their face on an egg, which is then carefully kept on record, and proves their copyright on their own makeup.

Change the features of this Clown face from the different menus, or press 'Randomise' for a completely unpredictable result

When you have finished your clown face, give it a Clown Name, put it in my Clown gallery, and tell your friends to come and admire it! (Gallery submissions do not work with "randomised" faces). The Clown Gallery shows the last 15 faces created., so get busy now! Now you can also send your clown creation to a friend as a free e-card!

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Look at the pictures in the Clown GalleryClown Face Game

Clown Puzzle

Kevin's Clown puzzle gives you a fast challenging game. Before you begin this traditional puzzle shuffle the pieces around by pressing the SHUFFLE PIECES button below the game. Then click on the individual pieces to slide them either up, down, left or right, sorting out the muddle so that the board once again shows Kevin in one piece. Good luck!

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Clown Kevin,s Slide puzzle game