clown kevin

Clown Magic Tricks!

Here is a fun piece of Clown Magic which you can make up and perform easily yourself. Print out this page (right click here and choose 'print') onto a piece of card and cut out the Clown Kevin card in the middle. Carefully cut out the hole in the mouth.

Clown Kevin magic card

The magic challenge is to push a coin through this hole!

Do you want to know how? If you promise to keep the magic secret I will tell you the answer. Just put your email address in the box below, then press the button... and you will receive your own secret insructions telling you how to do this amazing trick by instant email!

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Instant Magic!

With this amazing trick I will tell you what number you are thinking of right now. Just follow the instructions below...

Kevin's Emoticon Creator!

Party Magic

Here you will find some great tricks perfect for children's parties, with lots of audience participation. These tricks were contributed by Mrs. Buttons N. Bows

Click here for Party Magic!

Mind Reading

Here is another amazing Clown Magic trick for you.

This is a mind reading trick... try it out on yourself first.

Take at look at these numbers...

Point to where your brain is

Count to three

Choose one of these numbers, and click on it!