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Free Party Magic

These free party Magic Tricks were contributed by Mrs. Buttons N. Bows, AKA Carey T. Linsley and I am sure will give you plenty of inspiration for some exciting party fun..
Over to you, Mrs. Buttons!

free party magicA clown friend, "Dazzles" asked about magic ideas for a nine-year old girl birthday party. Here's three of the ideas I gave her.

Bracelet Machine

Revamp the "string of pearls" trick in a change bag to update it for today's kids. Bead bracelets and necklaces are very popular with girls and boys these days. At any craft supply store (Michaels out here), you can get plastic string, sparkly beads, and alphabet beads. Make up a necklace or bracelet with birthday child's name spelled out with the alphabet beads, and colored beads. I usually ask the booking parent if the child has a favorite color so it can be incorporated in the show. Put the completed item in the change bag, set up as the blowoff. For the trick in the show, we (birthday child is the helper) "create" a special present by dropping the string, beads in the other side of the bag. This a duplicate set of items that your completed piece is made of. Funny business, magic words, etc ensue then the completed item is produced from the other side of the change bag for the finish. Besides the childs name, you could spell out 'princess' or 'angel' (very popular out here right now). Don't leave the boys out either!! Substitute leather bead string and matt finish beads for bracelets. My kids' sunday school and preschool have made bracelets for the boys and girls- a big hit for the guys, too.

Broken Heart

Got an all-girls party?? Use the "Heart Paper Tear/Restored Heart" trick--patter can be created about 'girlfriends'-- boys can break your heart, etc. -one day they like you, the next they hardly notice you, etc. while tearing up the heart tear. For the blowoff -restored heart-, talk about how your girl friends are always true blue, never break your heart, even when your'e having a bad hair day, and are forever friends, girls rule, etc. You get the idea. This patter could work for a girls group anywhere from six or seven even up to probably junior high age.

Big Card Trick

This trick is not my own, I found it in a kids' book called {Amazing Clever Tricks- Magic and more to astound your friends!} from Lorenz Books. This is a really fun book with lots of stuff - aimed at the elementary school age group, for them to learn to do. Great for clown tricks for this age group! The trick is called 'The Big Card Trick', from the chapter, Bold, Sneaky Tricks. I'll try to paraphrase as much as possible, but get this book!

(Click here to buy this book in the US or here to buy this book in the UK.)

SET-UP: the set up is to rig a large size playing card of any suit in a high number in a large envelope (they used a 10 of clubs), then a regular deck size card 2 and a 4 are pulled from the deck and stuck with stick tac to the large size 10 in the big envelope. Put the same card in the regular deck as your top card (in this case, the 10 clubs) of your deck of playing cards. Now you're ready.
THE TRICK: Set the deck of cards on your table. You ask them to cut the cards, laying the second pile next to the first. You place the bottom half of the deck on top of the others, at right angles (showing you where they cut the deck) Tell them they'll soon see their secret card. Remove the upper stack and turn over the next card. Show them their secret card, the regular size 10 of clubs. Let them shuffle and you put the deck into your magic envelope. Pull out the 2 you rigged in the envelope. Ask them if it is their card. They say no, You then ask "Is it bigger than this?" Repeat again with the rigged 4, then--
THE FINISH: pull out the large size 10 of clubs, saying "Is this big enough?" You have shown your guest that you knew what their chosen card was all along.