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Tips for Birthday Parties

Does the thought of being confined with possibly dozens of children for hours terrify you? Don't worry, help is at hand. The secret is to have an action plan for them so they are not hanging around idly. This is when they start running round the walls and climbing the curtains. Plan using these clown party tips and you should find enough life saving ideas to allow you to keep your sanity and even perhaps enjoy the experience!


How Long?

It is important to get the length of the party right, so there is time to have fun, but not so long that the kids get bored. The optimum length for birthday parties involving children from 4 to 8 years old is about 2 hours. This gives time for food, entertainment, and a couple of games.


In my experience, a 2 hour party is best scheduled as follows.

0hrs. Party begins. Guests arrive.

0 hrs 30 mins. Clown! (45 mins)

1 hr 15 mins. Food (30 mins)

1 hr 45 mins. Games. (15 mins)

2 hrs. All go home!

This arrangement allows latecomers to arrive in time for the show. It is usually best to eat after the performer has finished.

Home or Hall?

Where to hold your birthday party? The local Village Hall has the advantage that there is plenty of room for the guests, and of course minimal disruption at home. You will have space for entertainment, usually plenty of tables and chairs for the feast, and easy parking.

Celebrating at home keeps the costs down and saves you having to travel back and forth, often making more than one journey, with all the things you need. Also the atmosphere at home will be more relaxed and familiar.


They should be sent out early to give plenty of time for reply. You can buy them ready made, or make your own, which will give your child a chance to be involved and gets the excitement going. Whichever way you do it make sure the invitations contain:


I have never yet been to a birthday party where all the food was eaten. Party kids are usually not starving, and in many cases will have had a large meal shortly before leaving home. Try to set out the food in advance and cover it with cling film or a tablecloth.

Keep to bite sized pieces, cutting sandwiches in eight,- Kids love food they can get in their mouth in one go.

Preparation on the Day

If the party is in the local hall, be sure to arrive at least 30 - 45 minutes before the guests. This gives you a chance to turn on the heating, unload the car, set out tables, and get the kettle on for a refreshing cuppa before the onslaught begins

When the Guests arrive

They will start arriving at the time you said the party will begin. Many will not leave home until this time, so there will always be children who arrive 15 minutes late! Guests will usually have a coat that needs hanging up and a present for the birthday child. Many parents prefer to place these presents on a table and save the opening for later.

If you are having an entertainer, it is a good plan to begin the performance about half an hour after the start of the party. This gives a chance for the latecomers to arrive and for everyone to settle down. So there is an opportunity for an ice breaking game such as

Hunt the Thimble

hide a thimble somewhere before the guests arrive, and have a small prize for whoever finds it.

Ring on a String

Tie a long piece of string in a circle and have the children sit down holding it. On the string is a ring. One person is placed in the middle and closes their eyes while the ring is hidden in someone's hand. Then s/he opens his/ her eyes and the children rhythmically move their hands along the string, trying to pass the ring round but hide it from the person in the middle. When the ring is found the person holding it goes into the middle.

Helping the Entertainer

Your performer (if you decide to have one) will usually arrive before the party and discuss the performing space and any other requirements. It is a good idea to sit the children down before the show starts, having made sure they have all had a chance to use the toilet and get comfortable!

One of the most difficult and distracting things for any performer is to have a group of adults chatting away behind the children, or anywhere in hearing distance, such as in the kitchen. So try to make sure that any parents or relatives that may be there either watch and participate in the show, which is very much the best way, or get completely out of earshot!

Don't give the children squeaky noisemakers, guns, etc before or during the entertainment, as this is almost certain to dusrupt the show! Keep them for the end of the food, when mayhem can break out as the kids all run around releasing the sugar they've just consumed :)

It is difficult for an entertainer to also fulfil the role of order keeper, so it is a good idea to nominate an adult for this job, as very occasionally there may be a disruptive child who could spoil the fun of the party for everyone if unchecked.

Party Games

If you organise the party along these guidelines, you will not need many organised games at all. You will have time for ‘Pass the Parcel after the food, which everyone loves and is a more or less essential ingredient in a good party.
Have a look at my Party Games page for some easy and really fun ideas!

Booking Your Entertainer

Of course, for your party to be really memorable, it is most important to get the right entertainment. Clown Kevin has now retired from the Birthday Party business, so he won't be able to come.. the best thing is generally to get recommendations from a friend locally, if someone else has had a great enertainer, they will probably do a fantastic job for you too

There is something you can do to make the show more enjoyable for everyone. There is a fine line between playful interaction and disruptive interference. Please assign an adult to help the young guests stay on the right side of the line.